February 19, 2007

Look Where We Worship

Crystalized Movements - This Wideness Comes (1990)

"There was no notion on the part of the five young interspatial transbeings that they were being followed. After all, they barely knew where and when and how they were themselves. But soon they became four and then three and then two and it was finally obvious. (They were not very intelligent beings, actually, their frightening multi-limbed phantom appearances making them seem more awesome than they really were.) The final two looked each other in their multifaceted eyes and asked the burning question: "Who?" No answer forthcoming, they linked tentacles and fangs together, back to back to back, and settled down into an ever shrinking ball of fright to wait. Thus was the world begun."

- Arthur Machen (Ed.), Welsh (& Other) Creation Myths (1917).

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