January 27, 2007

What You Hear On A Motorcycle In An Arboretum At Midnight

True West - Hollywood Holiday (1984)

Sometimes men like to sing in the shower. Sometimes men like to sing in their cars. Sometimes men like to pretend they are singing in a shower in the car. Then they crash the car and die because they have forgotten they should be driving. It happens.

A Mechanical Dog Can't Scratch That Kind Of Itch

Roger Miller - Win Instantly! (1989)

When country and western stars shine in the Martian sky, when metallic bluebirds swim in Bradbury's canals, when Eliot and Pound and that right bastard Joyce sing a song for little boy Syd, you will know the time is nigh. Open up the chili-mac!

Spacepeople Is Funky People

Tar Babies - No Contest (1988)

Blue modal rubber bands snapping back past black tower blocks, shaky and shaking, pee in pants, badgers howling at the moon - looks like Christmas has come to Cape Canaveral!

Robert Mitchum Was An Ugly Girl

Julian Cope - Skellington (1989)

When the spacemen come with their spacemencats and spacemendogs, we will sings songs of greeting and film stars and drugs to lull them into a sense of false security. Then......

Magical Things Happen Sometimes

Black Sun Ensemble - Elemental Forces (1991)

Horses and snails do battle, monkey generals darting beside, crabcreatures flying in dark formations through the nebulaskies. And afterwards they all order pizza. Nothin' else to do.

Music Falls to Earth as Dreamweapons

Spacemen 3 - Dreamweapon (1990)

One day a sound fell out of the sky and hit a monkey on the head and the monkey said "What the fuck?" and looked up at the sky but before he could do anything more the sound entered his brain and he began to change....

Spacemonkey Calling Earth! Spacemonkey calling Earth! Hello, Earth!

Fellow Monkies! Welcome to "Flying Saucers Love Us All!"

This is how it begins...

End transmission.