February 10, 2007

A Vast Array Of Saucers, Flying, Static, Otherwise, Melting

Happy Flowers - Too Many Bunnies (Not Enough Mittens) (1989)

The three Lester children were never normal. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Their mother knew this either before they were born or immediately after, when the doctor informed her that - somehow - the umbilical cord had already been cut...months earlier. Dinnertime was never a happy time in the Lester home.

Dandelion Wine, Watermelon Whisky, A Dead Hippie And Thou

Tiny Lights - Prayer for the Halcyon Fear (1985)

Between strong draughts of liquid lead laced with dictionary factory residue, the huddled group of spaceclowns considered their bleak future: Join the Resistance Circus and fight the Papercut Plutocracy or...What?

Moving Fast & Targeting!

Queen Elizabeth (Julian Cope) - Queen Elizabeth (1994)

Nothing short of total war could save the tiny beleaguered nation of Bulbouspumphandle and only Grand Sub-Space Commander Larry could bring down such total war. Gently stroking the fur of his traditional panda-skull war helmet, the Larry pondered the depths of his own depravity, his own mercilessness, and knew that it was good. He turned to his miniscule batman, gave him a certain wink, and uttered the final, fatal order.

February 7, 2007

Mammals Wonder About Non-Mammals, But Is It Reciprocal?

Plasticland - Wonder Wonderful Wonderland (1985)

Worshipful, the starmen gazed down upon the new planet, red and green and yellow and brown - as their eyes saw such things - eyes teary upon seeing the peculiar alignment of mountains and rivers and inland oceans they had been told to look for. The planet smiled up at them, small tears in the corners of its eyes, blessing them, welcoming them home. Retrojets began to flare. Descent was prepared for.

An Epic Moment In The Monkey's Day At Night

Kendra Smith - The Guild of Temporal Adventurers (1992)

Watching the Skies: Fingers seeming clumsy and ineffectual, the monkey looked wildly around for something, something that he couldn't name, not even knowing how to name a thing. But his eyes focused, grew keen, and he saw a small flake of rock with a shiny edge. He took it up with his fingers and rolled it around, back and forth, hand to hand. Somehow, he knew what to do with this...tool. As he gingerly but purposefully lifted it upwards towards his scalp and the dreamweapon's dent, music began to play.

February 6, 2007

Five Lanes Clear, No Waiting

Black Sun Ensemble - Tragic Magic (1991)

Willard was a strong man who despised weakness in others. He never went out of his way to push down the weak and miserable and poor and grieving and stupid in life, but if they came across his path he suffered no mercy upon them. Many people were left shattered and weeping in his wake. Then, one day, from a clear blue sky, Willard was struck by a realization, one about the size and shape and weight of a bowling ball. Upon his head.

The Slaves Of The Sun

Tar Babies - Honey Bubble (1989)

"What is Time...That you speak of it so subserviently? Are we to be the slaves of the sun, that second-hand, overrated knob of gilt, or of his sister, that fatuous circle of silver paper? A curse upon their ridiculous dictatorship!"

- Mervyn Peake, Titus Groan (1946)

Misery And Company Are Amicable If Not Best Friends

True West - Drifters (1985)

Dusty long-legged strippers with breasts of steel and iodized salt strode the old town's brick-covered streets, frightening bold men and scaring little boys to death. On the bright side, a generation of little girls saw their future flaming before them and knew that it would be very good. They ran after their new friends, jumping over the dead and singing in loud high voices.

February 5, 2007

Three Hardy Pancake Men Attack Dog In Window

Wake Ooloo - Hear No Evil (1994)
Wake Ooloo - What About It (1995)
Wake Ooloo - Stop the Ride (1996)

Wild with passion, the fifteen chimp-strong marching band whipped through their medley of Copland/Ives/Partch "Party Classics" while the angry devolutionist's screams of "Bokanovskify us! Bokanovskify us!" sounded like weak tea insults from behind the barbed-wire gate.

The Love Of Water, Of Living By Water, Of Living In Water

Richard Barone - Cool Blue Halo (1987)

Aspiring: Pensive after his salty breakfast, the monkey sat in a field of yellow flowers the size of rhinos, whose golden saffron heads nodded in the gentle breeze thirty or forty feet above his still-dented head. He scratched at the hollow in his cranium where the dreamweapon had hit and entered. It felt soft and he began to prod harder and harder, using both calloused hands. Sweat beaded on his hairy brow, his lips gnurled back from his yellow teeth, his huge nostrils flared cavernous! What an itch!!!

Imperfect, Imbecilic, Incompetent, Idyllic

Paul Roland - Happy Families (1988)

Bucking against the current, the intrepid white explorer trudged upstream, dead crystal crocodiles colliding every mis-step of the way, but he knew - knew! - that the lost sugar city of the ant people lay just beyond the next bend. In the pouring hot tropical rain, it was the only crutch he had.

February 4, 2007

Barnacles At Bedtime; Or, How The Navy Became More "Friendly"

Scratch Acid - The Greatest Gift (1990)

Roasted golden cat-thighs, crispy with an orange whiskey-sauce, atop shredded pine bark rissoto, a side of non-denominational literature of inspiring & sexy nature and a galleon of lukewarm melted tire-shavings - the Space Pope dines happy tonight!

Willow O' The Wisps Waver Wanly O'er The Wapsipinicon

Robyn Hitchcock - A Globe of Frogs (CD3 Single) (1988)

No sane man or woman would have refused a direct mind-order from the Head of Space Control Zeta, but Reginald Harbottom was no ordinary man or woman. Or man or woman at all!