February 20, 2007

One Eye Closing And Three More Opening

Tar Babies - Death Trip (1992)

Jumping: Slowly, very slowly, as he watched, the sheets of color and distortions began to reassemble themselves into forms the monkey more easily recognized. But with a difference. Each plant, each insect or animal, each object (a new concept he found wonderfully intriguing - differentiation, ascribing unique 'objectness' to all things!) seemed pregnant with wonder, waiting for him. What they awaited he did not know. But he rose to his calloused feet and walked out into the new world.


bodo said...

great album by the great band. thnx a billion for the post.
blog on dude!

gomonkeygo said...

Glad you enjoyed. One of my favorite bands; used to see the a lot in Madison, WI. There's two other T'Babies albums uploaded here...somewhere.