February 16, 2007

Insectile Chatter Equals Mammalian Love Song

Eugene Chadbourne - Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio Love Album (1988)

Glistening: A strange thing began to happen in the monkey's head. Several supposedly distinct and unrelated things, things normally outside his ability to synthesize, merged together and became a new thing. The dent in his head; the itch; the music. They were all related...connected...one thing. All the world seemed to rush straight upwards in blurring lines of color suddenly, blocks of green that were grass shooting skywards to bisect a sheet of solid blue while pebbles became two-dimensional mountains and a lone bee a striated godthing of yellow and black vibrating through it all, moving before and behind the grass and the rocks and the sky. This, the monkey thought - for now he could think - is very interesting.


swampgirl said...

Fritz? Is that you?

Gomonkeygo said...

Not Fritz, tho' always liked the name. Wow, this must mean there's somebody else out there willing to make a fool of himself like I do. Cool. Fritz must be awesome.

swampgirl said...

Awesome yes, though now I think on it perhaps more ursine than conjure-fingered simian. Well heck, it was worth a shot. Lost him a long way back, so I guess nostalgia nudged my reading of the tangled auguries somewhat askew...
But no matter - 'twas much fun pawing through yr loopy inkstain entrails. I salute you, sir!

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