June 10, 2007

Say A Screed, A Scream

Giant Sand - Glum (1994)

There is no difference between these words and the words that can conjure demons. Only intent is different. Intent and purpose. Purpose, intent and syllabification. That's all - ain't goin' further. You figure out the rest.

What?! No Ice Cream?!

Antietam - Rope-A-Dope (1994)

"This way," said the mage, "You can have your cake and eat it too!" And miraculously, on every plate in the vast candle-lit auditorium, there appeared a slice of chocolate layer cake with an inch-thick frosting of ultra-fudge. The patrons were amazed, amused, tickled, pinked, and ultimately aroused. They ate. And ate. And ate. The cake was never ending. They swelled and they swolled. They biggened like zeppelins! It was cake that good, cake that good indeed. Ultimately, no seat, no stadium, no planet, no plane could hold such chocolate excess. "Good-bye," said the mage, "Good-bye."

Oh! Oh! Oh! That Feels So Good When You Do That!

Salem 66 - Natural Disasters, Natural Treasures (1988)

This is what collapsing towers do! Beware! They are full of bees and monkeys and they will sting you full of poisons unaware of the galactic remonstrances of such like folk! This is their bane! This is their promise! Take heed and live accordingly! Live! Love! Bifurcate, indeed @#$%!