March 2, 2007

While The Astronomers Slept, Redux...

Sun Ra - Strange Celestial Road (1987)

Meanwhile, back on the planet: Several thousand years had passed quickly and with a quiet prosperity for the former starmen. The hulks of their indestructible star-ships had become playgrounds or amusement parks, office buildings, zoos and the homes of the fabulously wealthy. By a resounding majority vote, their stupendous engines had been turned off forever hundreds of years earlier and were now useless, never to push through the fabric of space and time again. One would think that, just about now, something awful and ironic precipitating the use of these once powerful machines would befall these peaceful people...

Please note: The above is a 'textual only' repost; the original 'non-textual' post accompanying it having been removed. Enjoy this repeat for your reading pleasure!

It Always Cries When It Is Caught In A Trap

Pain Teens - Destroy Me Lover (1993)

Mother Rabbit anxiously wiped her hands on her stained apron, waiting for her boys to return. It was getting dark. There, in the West, she saw movement! and shielding her eyes with one furry paw she squinted into the last rays of the dying sun. Yes - it was her boys, but...something was wrong. She counted only five, and they were walking slowly, huddled together, carrying something between them on their shoulders. With a sob, she fell to her knees and covered her face, weeping, crying like only a mother rabbit can cry.

America's One-Stop Shopping & Induction Center!

Moe Tucker - Life in Exile After Abdication (1989)

It was a big sale day at Army*Mart, "Half-Off!" screamed the signs. Flags waved cheerily over the entrance. The line stretched for miles, around corners and over hills, seeming endless. The face of every customer was lit with anticipation, each knowing he or she would get a special deal today on something absolutely fabulous that would make life perfect and reveal the secret of happiness to them. Nobody noticed that the doors were "Enter" only. Nobody noticed the long, long trains of black cars pulling silently out from behind the store. Flags waved cheerily over the entrance.

February 28, 2007

Angels Cried Diamonds Upon Their Upturned Faces

Nikki Sudden & the French Revolution - Groove (1990)

It was just a tiny windup metal toy but when its key was turned and it was set upon a table, it played the most beautiful music ever heard, by man, woman, child, beast and hiding angel. It played and played and played, for hours and days and years, but eventually - one day - the key refused to turn. A special box was built to preserve the fabulous musical toy, in hopes that one day it might play again.

Beach Blanket Bingo Off Uranus

Eugene Chadbourne with Camper Van Beethoven - Camper Van Chadbourne (1989)

"Surf's up!" came the cry, echoing over the radiophones. A hundred wild-eyed spacehipsters scrambled for their sleek, semi-living surfboards. It took a certain type to live in the rings of Saturn, amidst the vast radiation storms and electromagnetic pulses, risking certain early death from cancer, inherited genetic mutations and the ridicule of the entire System. But catching that one wave, the big one! - and riding it all around the gas giant they called home was a goal worth being crazy for.

Watching What Happens When Your Back Is Turned

Big Black - The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape (1987)

Ah, the drums, the drums! Constantly pounding day and night, the jungle pulsed with their fury and with the screams of fanged predators and winged beasts, all set against the tiny band of intrepid yet foolish explorers. None of them had much cared for this expedition, but the charisma and bravery of their leader had sucked them pell-mell into this situation. Now, watching the multi-legged, six-winged lizard thing carry his headless torso off towards the distant mountains, they began to deeply regret their decision.

February 27, 2007

The Primitive Ways Of Our Benighted Forebears

Various Artists - The Wailing Ultimate ~ The Homestead Records Sampler (1987)

"Drive grasshoppers into cooking pit
Drive ground squirrels from holes
Smoke bees from hive
Chase bison and other game over cliff or into trap
Night fishing with torch"

- Norm Kidder, "Some Uses of Fire" (2001)

Proof Of The Existence Of God

Alex Chilton - A Man Called Destruction (1995)

Long ago man or woman invented beer by drinking the fermented waters of leftovers, of some burned grains in a clay bowl, soaked by rain and storm, wild yeasts alighting, comingling, breathing life into dead matter? Someone must have been very, very thirsty.

A Universe Of Coincidence Is Not One I Want To Live In

Julian Cope - Planetary Sit-In (Every Girl Has Your Name) (1996)

Again and again and again the starmen punished the space vole's planet with storms of asteroids, churning the surface, rupturing the crust, releasing molten streams from the planetary core - avenging the long ago defeat of their ancestor's at the paws of the vole's. In their violent, obsessed joy, they never saw noticed the return of the vole armada, fresh from their own timely mission against the starmen's homeworld. Oh, those crafty voles!

It Was In A Perfumed Garden That Justice Came To Light

The Chills - Kaleidoscope World (1993)

No other human eye had ever beheld the lost jewels of Hammurabi's ancient crown, mounted in the eye sockets of the skull of an extinct species of giant ape, never worn except as a conductor between the laws of the universe and the world of man as Hammurabi imagined it, made it. These were the thoughts of little Jeremy K. as he held up in the bright sunlight the half-rotten cat's head disinterred from his mother's flower garden. It was, after all, a much preferable explanation to any that touched on the 'sudden and unexpected trip' that Mommy and Daddy said Whiskers had left upon last month. Why would a cat need to visit the Pope, anyway?

February 26, 2007

The Best Of Intentions & The Worst Of Articulations

Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians - Gotta Let This Hen Out (1986)

Syllabicizing: The monkey took on the task of naming everything he saw in the world because he suddenly thought that everything should have a name. His vocal chords, poorly developed still but evolving rapidly, were at first sorely strained by the exercise. Many an object was named with but subtle variation upon the words "Ughhgh" and "Graaakt!" Someday, the monkey thought he might take the time to rename these unfortunates.

When Children Dream And Scheme Upon Their Adult Selves

Steve Tibbetts - Safe Journey (1984)

Across the Himalayas and into the mysterious lands beyond went the intrepid explorer, scuba gear in tow, searching for the equally mysterious inland sea of Tibet he'd read about as a child in a book, never knowing the book was a joke, a hoax, a ruse, perpetrated upon him by a scheming sibling in full knowledge of his gullible nature. She would be so surprised when he returned someday, specimen boxes full of the exotic fish and plants and riches of this imaginary ocean.

A List Of Wrongs Corrected By Rights

Various Artists - Beyond the Wildwood ~ A Tribute to Syd Barrett (1987)

The tea was too strong and the cream had curdled and the biscuits were stale and the plate was chipped and the butter was runny while the knife was rusty and the spoons were bent but the sky was blue and the grass was green and the sun was yellow and the birds were singing and the cats were dancing and so it somehow balanced all out.