February 16, 2007

Insectile Chatter Equals Mammalian Love Song

Eugene Chadbourne - Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio Love Album (1988)

Glistening: A strange thing began to happen in the monkey's head. Several supposedly distinct and unrelated things, things normally outside his ability to synthesize, merged together and became a new thing. The dent in his head; the itch; the music. They were all related...connected...one thing. All the world seemed to rush straight upwards in blurring lines of color suddenly, blocks of green that were grass shooting skywards to bisect a sheet of solid blue while pebbles became two-dimensional mountains and a lone bee a striated godthing of yellow and black vibrating through it all, moving before and behind the grass and the rocks and the sky. This, the monkey thought - for now he could think - is very interesting.

The Things John Wayne Did That Never Made The Papers

Giant Sand - Giant Sandwich (1989)

The Sheriff looked sideways at the carnage on the barroom floor, never one to stomach grue as well as his True-Western compatriots. He wondered often if this made him less of a man, less of a dude. He tipped back his vermillion ten-gallon and punched his shoulders up, ready to work. Somebody had to put the heads back with their right bodies, after all. So it could start all over again.

No Reason To Live, No Reason Not To

Lawndale - Sasquatch Rock (1987)

Another Steve Austin morning, macrolens eyeball retrofit testrange, biopump bloodheart circuit blowup, fingernail atombomb carheist kitten, toejam raga hippo blast: ALL SYSTEMS GO!

February 15, 2007

Knowing How To Read A Map Doesn't Mean You Are Not Lost

My Dad Is Dead - Let's Skip the Details (1988)

Watson knew there was nothing wrong with the Doctor, but he followed his orders to the letter. A left turn at the gazebo, two full circles around the peeing statue of Pan, five strong hops toward the reflecting pool and a final somersault that shattered the peaceful waters and left Watson staring dazedly up at the cloudless sky. The water was only an inch deep over a mirrored surface, Watson now realized. Then, faintly, he heard the unmistakeable sound of laughter.

Never Enough To Stop The Gears

Glass Eye - Hello Young Lovers (1989)

The pushers and the dealers and the buyers and the robbers and the enforcers of the laws all danced together in a swirling madness, knowing they had conned the people mightily and ensured their padded pockets for many years to come. The conned and depleted watched from the ballroom's edges, but their eyes were upon a small child standing straight with one hand upon a large lever. It pulled the lever sharply back. As the ballroom floor disappeared, the grinders came to life.

Beggaring Description, All Eyes Upward Turn

F/i - Space Mission (Rarities Compilation) (2000)

Upon the promised planet, pods opening with engineered life emerging - long slow trains of hoofed and tentacled life - the philosphers and dreamers of the spacemen surveyed their accomplishment. There would be a good place for a temple, before the grove by the river. There, upon the outcropping of what might be granite, a memorial for all those lost in space along the way. There, and there, and there - coffee shops.

February 14, 2007

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre Playoffs

H. P. Zinker - The Sunshine CD (1991)

Nothing but and nothing for and nothing forward but nothing for other nothingward.

Why Does My Pudding Never Tell A Lie?

Brian Ritchie - The Blend (1987)

"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words."

- Philip K. Dick, How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later (1978)

Another Bad Day Inside Another Man's Head

Telstar Ponies - Voices From the New Music (1996)

The wind peeled back Chester's flesh, raising it like a cloud around his shaking form before lifting it into the dark sky, rising and fluttering away, nothing but a damp man-shaped fleshkite. In the few seconds he had left to live, as blood fountained from a hundred places in his exposed self, Chester strongly wished he'd thought his plan through more carefully.

Strong Magic Coffee Beans Burn Brightly

Black Sun Ensemble - Lambent Flame (1988)

The crystalline blue elixir drizzled slowly onto the searingly hot black iron mirror, winding clouds of multicolored steam shooting up like gem-encrusted arms towards the necromancer's lean, scarred face. The portents boded ill, regardless of the medium, the method, he thought. He sighed and turned away from another failed experiment. Oh well, maybe Bewitched is on, he thought, smiling at image of the enticing Samantha avatar in his mind.

February 12, 2007

Silver Strings Kill Witches In The Mountians

John Fahey - I Remember Blind Joe Death (1987)

Rotating: The sound that was like music increased as the monkey scratched and scratched at the itch in the dent left by the dreamweapon. The monkey stopped scratching the itch, but did not lower his paws from his head, so that he could turn himself around and around and around to place the origin of the music. His raised elbows were like hairy antennae. But the music faded. Slowly, the monkey began to hit that itch again. And the music began, again.

Behind The Screen, We Crouched, Laughing, Yes

Negativland - Escape From Noise (1987)

We could hear the sound of clapping, or what sounded like clapping, like flesh hitting flesh hard and popping the air with its hot force

We could hear the sound of metal wings, or what sounded like metal wings, like feathers of tin and copper and impermanent steel moving the air aside with a heavy fall

We could hear the sound of laughter, or what sounded like laughter, like parents and teachers and their open mouths, hawing at the endless air with empty joy