April 10, 2007

Another Bad Day At Playschool

Band of Susans - Veil (1993)

No amount of sweet lies, honest promises, unveiled threats could relinquish Gerald from his hold upon the weapon. After five days without sleep, the entire world seemed his enemy. And the colorful buttons he had yet to push were so, so enticing...

Distracted By Shiny Objects, Unwitting Accomplices

Loop - A Gilded Eternity (1990)

The directions were explicit: Stand on one leg (either leg) for three minutes; Rotate slowly to your left until facing a shiny object; Switch legs; Stare without blinking at said shiny object for two minutes; Close eyes; Repeat.

What this had to do with assembling a bicycle, Henry didn't know. But after three hours he hadn't put bolt A together with nut B, though he had enjoyed several wildly hallucinogenic moments of ecstasy, in the time between closing his eyes and hitting the floor.

What The Black Box Would Have Recorded

Butthole Surfers - Double Live (1989)

Without hesitating, Suzette plunged into the icy waters, her golden silk ballgown flaming around her as she plumetted. Her only thought was - wait, what was her only thought? Escape? Death before dishonor? A nice side salad with blue cheese dressing? Halfway to what she know realized was a certain and inescapable demise, she decided to change her only thought, but given her speed and the unfortunate physical restraints of any unpowered falling object, it was too late. Grimly, she tuckered on. The bystanders were highly impressed.