February 23, 2007

Some Dare Call It Art!

Black Sun Ensemble - Black Sun Ensemble (1985, Reissued 2000)

Tadpoles by the thousands, by the millions, larger than a man's pinky finger, flowed and overflowed from the toilet bowl onto the tiled bathroom floor. Toilet water and potential frogs swirled with abandon out the door and down the hallway, spilling down the stairs in a living waterfall before exiting by the front door onto the lawn. Mary and Robert watched it all with quiet appreciation from the living room, perched on their prized vintage barstools, enjoying the light of the dying sun that played gently across the watery havoc. It had been a very successful experiment, they concluded, toasting each other silently.


Tydalwave said...

any chance for another upload, the link is invalid :-8

Max said...

Thanks for a great blog!

I'd also like a reupload if possible--missed this one the first time around.