March 12, 2007

This Is Not A Clue * This Is Not A Clue

The Mekons - The Mekons Rock 'n' Roll (1989)

Fifty-five stormtroopers, in paisley brownshirts, dancing the Watusi, cradling plushtoy origami sten guns, circled the statehouse bar-b-que dinner, traipsing off afterwards into the soft night over the edge of the hard wooden dock and down without murmur into the bottomless bay. Partygoers were nonplussed but pretended to ogle the President's new piercing, murmuring about how it caught the light of the bonfires so charmingly. So, so charming.


barbelith said...

Hi Monkey

I only just found your blog

any chance of a Queen Elizabeth repost? (as it currently links to the Fortean Times)

Great choice of music

Many thanks

gomonkeygo said...

Hi, barbelith: Look for "Larry" and "batman" in the post for the links to parts one and two of the QE post. (This is how I do it when I have to split a file). Enjoy!

Chaka said...

look, let's not beat around the bush here - your blog totally fucking rocks. is it too late to nominate you for a pulitzer?

a suggestion - posting requests, both your own and those of your disciples? your niche is so perfectly carved that i think you might get some interesting stuff this way.

and just to prime the pump, here's my request: maureen tucker's 'i spent a week there the other night'? i absolutely loved your post of her previous record.

keep the greasy side down!
chaka \

gomonkeygo said...

I'd rather get an Emmy. I'm thinking of pitching my blog to Fox.

Requests are fine, if I have them. Maybe if I don't other folks could help fulfill them. I do have the Mo you want, though. Will try to get it up soon; lots of people liked the first album (I saw her on tour for that one - simply stunning! And she autographed my LP afterwards too).

I am trying to keep posts limited to out-of-print albums, released post 1980, pre-2000 and preferably even pre-1997 (just to keep a decade of distance), though I know some I've posted aren't - they are simply old and hard to obtain or little known and hard to obtain. Even some of what I've posted that's in-print isn't techinally the same as I'm posting earlier and often different versions.

I should have called this blog "Pack Rat City, AZ." I wonder if anyone, anywhere, would get that reference? Too much shit in my head. Thanks for the comments; much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Mekon's album is not compleate.
Two songs lost.

Please reup perfect one.

Anonymous said...

can you post more mekons?

gomonkeygo said...

To Anonymous1: Songs lost? There are two versions of this CD out, I know, and the import had two extra songs but that's the one I didn't have. I'll have to DL my own UL (huh?) and see what's missing and correct if I can. Thanks for pointing it out.

To Anonymous2: I do have other Mekons to put up. I'm time-limited so I only do a couple a day. Might be a week or so before there's more up because I've a few other things I want to do right now. Thanks for the request.

gomonkeygo said...

I just checked and I'm afraid that the CD I have has only twelve songs (A&M/Twin Tone CD 5277). Here's info from the Waco Brothers site:

A&M cut "Ring O' Roses", "Heaven and Back" from the U.S. edition; instead, they appear domestically on a pair of promo-only 12"s

If anyone out there has the Rough Trade CD and wants to post the whole thing, I'll put it up here with the American version. I heard it once and I swear it was even a different sounding mix; more dub, less rock. But I was probably inebriated or in love or something.

barbelith said...

Hi Monkey

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity...

Got Queen Elizabeth

Many thanks

Kuro said...

great blog Monkey!
thanx for sharing!