March 12, 2007

On The Other Hand, Perhaps This Is What You Seek

Thin White Rope - Moonhead (1987)

It crawled from the desert, a shining beastmark, from some other worlds, one raging arc of the dream that rose up higher than the foothils and the low mountains and spread wings that encompassed a universe of belief and doubt, faith and fear. It had a name but that name could not be told, only guessed. Can you???


zippy said...

More incredible work -Mekons and Thin White Rope!!
You mentioned Mudhoney-Would you like some live recordings+BBC sessions? ( I believe it is not in print-the concert was recorded at the Reading Festival in 1995) . Yes, indeed- my moniker comes from the great philosopher Zippy!

gomonkeygo said...

I'm considering starting a live blog; I've got about 2000-2500 shows I could share. I've got a few live Mudhoney right now, but don't know which offhand.

nortoncommando said...

A request, often made but never done.

Sector 27 (Tom Robinson's group after TRB) LP or both singles, please, anyone. Thanks.

gomonkeygo said...

I don't have any Sector 27 to share myself. But I found this:

There's a brief live Sector 27 show at the bottom of the page and loads of other stuff. Way to go, Mr. Robinson!

nortoncommando said...

Thanks! Id been to the site before but these mp3s are new. Grabbed them... nice!

Tydalwave said...

the link doesn't work, can you please re-upload the file :-)