March 12, 2007

That Ain't Reality! That's My Hot Dog Spoon

Snakefinger - A Collection of Songs, 1978-1980 (1988)

Kindly contributed by Mr. Zippy for your pleasure-center stimulation!


Theo said...

loves it, thanks!

gomonkeygo said...

All thanks to Mr. Zippy, really. I used to have this album, too, and another solo album by Snakefinger, but I cannot find either one.

Anonymous said...

great to see the late philip snakefinger at your very fine blog, this was a real wonderful chap, with and without the eyeballs!

lucky / border music

gomonkeygo said...

Thanks, lucky! Saw you got the 20th Anniversary Summer of Love LP up - that's great. I was going to post the CD version, but I think I'll do a Velvet Monkeys instead.