February 14, 2007

Another Bad Day Inside Another Man's Head

Telstar Ponies - Voices From the New Music (1996)

The wind peeled back Chester's flesh, raising it like a cloud around his shaking form before lifting it into the dark sky, rising and fluttering away, nothing but a damp man-shaped fleshkite. In the few seconds he had left to live, as blood fountained from a hundred places in his exposed self, Chester strongly wished he'd thought his plan through more carefully.


Anonymous said...

Once again (and again!) I thank you. I never even heard of this band until I saw this post (I can be dreadfully unhip sometimes). Now I'm wondering how I got by without them all these years. Great stuff!

gomonkeygo said...

Yeah, great band, not well known. Richard Youngs appears on this one, which helps make a great album a stellar one. I've an earlier EP that I'll get up eventually, but it doesn't feature Youngs.