February 15, 2007

Knowing How To Read A Map Doesn't Mean You Are Not Lost

My Dad Is Dead - Let's Skip the Details (1988)

Watson knew there was nothing wrong with the Doctor, but he followed his orders to the letter. A left turn at the gazebo, two full circles around the peeing statue of Pan, five strong hops toward the reflecting pool and a final somersault that shattered the peaceful waters and left Watson staring dazedly up at the cloudless sky. The water was only an inch deep over a mirrored surface, Watson now realized. Then, faintly, he heard the unmistakeable sound of laughter.


Jeff said...

Actually you can get a whole truckoad of free MDID albums (one of which I play bass on) at the official MDID website:


Gomonkeygo said...

Sweet! Thank you so much for this priceless info.