February 7, 2007

An Epic Moment In The Monkey's Day At Night

Kendra Smith - The Guild of Temporal Adventurers (1992)

Watching the Skies: Fingers seeming clumsy and ineffectual, the monkey looked wildly around for something, something that he couldn't name, not even knowing how to name a thing. But his eyes focused, grew keen, and he saw a small flake of rock with a shiny edge. He took it up with his fingers and rolled it around, back and forth, hand to hand. Somehow, he knew what to do with this...tool. As he gingerly but purposefully lifted it upwards towards his scalp and the dreamweapon's dent, music began to play.


sub_commandante_marcos said...

This is one of my favorite records of all time - lazy psychedelia at it's finest.

Anonymous said...

Great record! Kendra let the rain sing! A