February 6, 2007

Five Lanes Clear, No Waiting

Black Sun Ensemble - Tragic Magic (1991)

Willard was a strong man who despised weakness in others. He never went out of his way to push down the weak and miserable and poor and grieving and stupid in life, but if they came across his path he suffered no mercy upon them. Many people were left shattered and weeping in his wake. Then, one day, from a clear blue sky, Willard was struck by a realization, one about the size and shape and weight of a bowling ball. Upon his head.


Anonymous said...

Heyhey, Monkeyboy,

Some fine service you provide here.

That Young Wu , man, I swear its held up better than those Feelies records.

The Magic Hour record is what really prompted my post this evening. Been looking for that one for a while now

Thanks lots,


Gomonkeygo said...

Glad you enjoyed. The Magic Hour is still available, I just found out. Go to Forced Exposure's website and they have a FEW copies of the original limited edition release that were found in a warehouse!