May 22, 2007

Another Successful Lyceum Date For Grammar

Gumball - Wisconsin Hayride (1992)

"Thus, the humble parentheses is the strongest particle of punctuation in the universe," softly concluded the mild-eyed wild-haired big-eared thin-lipped hook-nosed raw-skinned long-necked stoop-shouldered hamstrung withered pocked scarified and ultimately terrifyingly believable speaker. The applause began slowly, like rain waiting permission to fall, but shortly subsumed the theatre with its massive pulse. The people were amused.


Pants Elk said...

I swear, as the Mekon is my witness, that I shall never download a single melodious morsel from your soi-disant "berrrrrrrlooooooogggggh" - I see your eyes glinting from here!

jkauzlar said...

Umm. Just waiting patiently for the next 80's hidden-classic album, yo. 1) Bought many Giant Sand CD's 2) Continued with Howe Gelb solo and Calexico. 3) Looking for Young Marble Giants CD among other things. 4) Can't find true love in local pubs or in my apartment listening to music. 5) realized the true importance of randomness. 9) The lights of radio towers are flashing on the horizon, and there is nothing I can do about it.