June 10, 2007

Oh! Oh! Oh! That Feels So Good When You Do That!

Salem 66 - Natural Disasters, Natural Treasures (1988)

This is what collapsing towers do! Beware! They are full of bees and monkeys and they will sting you full of poisons unaware of the galactic remonstrances of such like folk! This is their bane! This is their promise! Take heed and live accordingly! Live! Love! Bifurcate, indeed @#$%!


zeroid said...

Heard one track by these and Antietam on the Homestead "wailing ultimate" which you have so am very happy to hear more....Thanks

Anonymous said...

I spent a whole summer listening to Frequency and Urgency, wandering around the midwest. Good band.

gomonkeygo said...

I got lucky enough to see them once. Me, a bartender, the soundguy and Roger Miller of Mission of Burma. That and Roger's sound/bandguy (should be able to remember his name but I can't) was pretty much the whole audience. If there were others, I don't remember. O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI. Good show.

http://abeefsandwich.typepad.com said...

I actually caught them at O'Cayz Corral, can't remember the year I was there or why I was there. I lived in Boston, so I went to show because they were playing but how I got there I can't recall. Ah youth... fab band and glad you stopped by my blog so I could discover your blog. Seems we have quite the similar tastes.

What happened to that bar next door to O'Cayz? the one with the old comic drawings and the slug line "Meet Lots of Characters" or something to that effect.