May 21, 2007

Mind And Body? No Problem!

Bevis Frond - Tryptich (1988)

Without even realizing it, Hugo solved one of the oldest and most difficult mathematical puzzles ever invented. Not bad for a shoe-shine boy from Black Earth, Wisconsin, he thought, as he again cautiously lifted the worn corner of his living room rug to peek at the swirling interdimensional maw his fever-inspired contortions had accidentally created. He pushed another squirrel into it, just for fun.


Franz said...

Many thanks!
Finally I got the last missing Frond piece :)

SamIam said...

Thanks for the sharing of many things Bevis. Great eclectic choice of music you have.

Cheers, SamIam

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I love, love, LOVE this band. Saw them live at a teeny bar in Minneapolis and was about 10 feet away from Mr. Saloman and was just blown away by his guitar playing, and I've been hooked ever since. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Do you know other links with Frond's stuff?