May 11, 2007

A Night Of Passionate Pumpkin Love Trumps Death

Sonny Sharrock - Guitar (1986)

Sonia crawled out of the jack-o-lantern's mouth, gripping the giant carven teeth to gain the leverage she needed. It had been a wonderful adventure overall, she thought, smiling to herself, knocking off bits of hardened wax, seeds the size of her hand and stringing pumpkin guts. Yes, there, the raygun lay just where she'd left it. A minute more and she'd be her proper size again. No problems with buttons too big to push - she'd read all the stories. She pulled the remote control from her pocket but hesitated just a moment too long, looking up to see just what had made the huge winged shadow...

(Note: This is a textual repost with new music, the original music post now being but a memory, at the request of the artist).


centrifuge said...


is this one wasted on your target audience? ;-)

i must admit this is the first time i've really checked your blog... i got directed there a while ago (i think probably by magic of juju when they had a clutch of sun ra up), to a sun ra post but one from which the music link had been taken down and i didn't pay too much attention at the time - bookmarked you though and it took me ages to have a proper look.

most of the stuff you put up isn't where i'm at right now, by the look of it, but i like your site :) and i have found several items to download, all of them guitar jobs - sharrock, nels cline, power tools, all out of print i would guess and all highly interesting to me!

thanks a lot for this particular item (which was posted on my wedding anniversary, though i didn't know until today!)

good luck with the space voyage B-)

rebuscador said...


gomonkeygo said...

You're welcome. I have found some other OOP 80s jazz/improv oddities that I forgot I had. They'll be up soon.