February 26, 2007

When Children Dream And Scheme Upon Their Adult Selves

Steve Tibbetts - Safe Journey (1984)

Across the Himalayas and into the mysterious lands beyond went the intrepid explorer, scuba gear in tow, searching for the equally mysterious inland sea of Tibet he'd read about as a child in a book, never knowing the book was a joke, a hoax, a ruse, perpetrated upon him by a scheming sibling in full knowledge of his gullible nature. She would be so surprised when he returned someday, specimen boxes full of the exotic fish and plants and riches of this imaginary ocean.


Anonymous said...

Great choice.

gomonkeygo said...

One of my favorites. I've several more 80s Tibbett discs to put up too. Wish I had his first couple of non-ECM LPs...sigh.