February 28, 2007

Angels Cried Diamonds Upon Their Upturned Faces

Nikki Sudden & the French Revolution - Groove (1990)

It was just a tiny windup metal toy but when its key was turned and it was set upon a table, it played the most beautiful music ever heard, by man, woman, child, beast and hiding angel. It played and played and played, for hours and days and years, but eventually - one day - the key refused to turn. A special box was built to preserve the fabulous musical toy, in hopes that one day it might play again.


Fletcher said...

hi man (woman?)!
yeah, you´ve got a nice blog (lots of stuff i love myself). as you already did, i will put your link on my blog!

gomonkeygo said...

"Man" is good enough, for now. Thanks for the nice words; glad you like the music. Just trying to share some hard to find stuff.