May 18, 2007

Seen From The Church Belfry, It Was A Sight!

Jon Langford - Skull Orchard (1997)

The circus strongman, the flying leopard act, the incredibly tall midget family and the invisible visible boy drove the old yellow hearse into town on a lark, looking for a fight you might say, never expecting what one small boy, a slingshot, and a thimbleful of pink poster paint could do. The weekly paper ran a story next edition about mysterious noises in the night, a possible alien invasion, and the courage of its local son.

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zippy said...

Great to see you back! In appreciation for fine Mekons posts, here's a good CD w/ Langford ,Lucas
And Maimone-KILLER SHREWS-(Of course you may repost with suitably creative prose) Cheers!!
(@256 VBR)