May 18, 2007

One Must Be Ever So Careful, Here And Always Over There, Over There

True Believers - True Believers (1986) and
True Believers - True Believers (1987)

The typewriter was a dangerous weapon. Milton knew this instinctively. He had dared approach it only obliquely to date, at angles impossible for the geometricians to define and label. He believed it unaware of him and of his intentions. Clad in his special homemade armor (paper plates scavenged from the bins behind the local ribbery and pasta joint, stitched with stale spaghetti), today he chose a new approach, circling in from several miles out and taking full advantage of natural cover - small children, goats, surprised milkmen - to achieve his final goal, the fruit of years of research and hard mental effort. The filthy and tattered "True Detective" subscription form trembled in his pale hands.

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bob said...

thank you. it has been years.