March 5, 2007

What Happens On The Streets Of An Old European Town

Royal Crescent Mob - Omerta (1987)

"It is tasteless and rude, I say, this fashion today, for young men to traipse so gaily through the streets in little but the silks and furs of their morning gowns," doddered the swelling matriarch, miniscule opera glasses screwed to her near-blind eyes, "but, nonetheless, I do so enjoy it." She took another sip of her absinthe and cola and sighed delightedly.


Cindy said...

Thank you so much for posting this album! For the last year, I have been trying to buy this album on eBay. Someone always outbid me. :(

In the 80s, I used to see RCM all the time. They were one of the best live bands back then. Their albums don't reflect how good a band they were.

Thanks again! You made me day! :D

gomonkeygo said...

Glad you like it! This was a favorite of mine, too. Used to see the Mob a lot as well. Lost a percentage of my hearing in my left ear at one show that I've never fully regained. They were incredible live, weren't they! This disc got played at every party I had or went to for years.

Cindy said...

I've tried to explain to people how crazy fun their shows were, but no one believes me because the band went nowhere with their career.

Their incredible bass lines and energy remind me of Rage Against the Machine.