March 7, 2007

What Wizards Do While The Wires Play

The Residents - Live in Holland: The 13th Anniversary Show (1987)

The stars in the sky twinkled and melted and spun slowly down like chips of shattered glassine eyes, blinding thousands and tens of thousands as they looked up, only for them to weep a moment, blink, and with new vision see behind the walls of day and night and sleep and death they had built up in their blindness. A new world was begun.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Residents. I was fortunate enough to see the 13th Anniversary Show in Boston, even luckier that Snakefinger was there (He died about a year later). I can't believe how much fantastic stuff I'm finding at your site. Thanks again and again.

zippy said...

I went to the show in Detroit the same year-thanx a lot!! Great blog ! BTW I also have the best of Snakefinger which I will post here if you'd like..
A small request..repost of Hitchcock (if possible..)

gomonkeygo said...

Zippy: Thanks for the commments. Try the Hitchcock again, please. Love to hear that best of Snakefinger!

gomonkeygo said...

I missed seeing Snakefinger play, a year or so before his death, and it's one of the big regrets of my life, music-wise at least. Maybe soul-wise. I always see people make lists of their Top Ten Favorite Concerts, but I've got a list of Top Ten Shows I WISH I HADN'T MISSED! Includes Snakefinger, Shockabilly, The Cramps, X, Savage Republic, The Church, Nirvana (multiple times), Mudhoney, Thin White Rope and others.