June 21, 2007

Like Nothing Ever Before, Rinsed In White Blood

Band of Susans - Peel Sessions (1992)

William the Younger pulled a splinter of glass from his heel, about a half of an inch long and needle-like otherwise, and handed it to the large white monkey sitting on the wicker lounge chair to his left. The monkey carefully took the sliver of nearly invisible pain and put it - with several thousand other like shards - into the velvet-lined sewing basket it cradled between its knees. The sex of the monkey was indeterminate, even given the otherwise lewd position it maintained to keep the basket from spilling. This was the appeal to William. When he stroked the thick fur at night and whispered his love, he felt giddy, childish, transported at the lack of knowing, the unknowable lack of his love. It was worth the day of pain that inevitably followed, the cost of the broken mirror. It was so beautiful.


Robert.Johnsson said...

Great Post :)

I never heard this version of "Which Dream Came True" (also on Love Agenda) Brilliant i'd say.

And Gang of Fours "I Found That Essence Rare" Real nice Sound !

Only one that i couldnt figure out is "Throne of Blood" Where's it from?



Anonymous said...

I think it's an original from HOPE AGAINST HOPE. Always thought they were better live - great gtr interplay!

Robert.Johnsson said...

Yeah...youre right.
And LIVE ...Brilliant...always!

Does anyone have it, to share :) ?


Robert.Johnsson said...

hmm..as for my request...
I just ordered the album, and will share....Sooon :)


Robert.Johnsson said...

Band Of Susans - Hope Against Hope (1988)

Mp3 @ 320 kbps - 113 MB (Scans Included)

01 - Not Even Close
02 - Learning To Sin
03 - Throne Of Blood
04 - Elliott Abrams In Hell
05 - All The Wrong Reasons
06 - I The Jury
07 - No God
08 - You Were An Optimist
09 - Ready To Bend
10 - Hope Against Hope
11 - Sometimes
12 - Where Have All The Flowers Gone

"Part 1"

"Part 2"

Password: PunchDrunk