April 5, 2007

We Owe So Much To The Library Of Skulls

Power Tools - Strange Meeting (1987)

"The ancestors of modern Sleestak were the Altrusians. Their civilization fell approximately 1,000 years earlier. The Sleestak sometimes use the term 'Altrusian' to refer to themselves and sometimes to refer only to these ancestors. Physically, the Altrusians were similar to Sleestak, with the former marked by a shorter stature, an extra finger on each hand, and a golden yellow skin tone. Intellectually they were very different, however. The Altrusians possessed advanced psionic technologies based on light crystals and understood a great deal about the operation of the Land of the Lost. They strove for calm emotionlessness and as a result could be both cooperative and quite callous."

- "Sleestaks, Ancestors of" (Encylopedia of Lost History, Vol. MCMXVII)


Mister Niles said...

Hi. File Forbidden to be shared?!?!? Damned trolls. It's been out of print for almost 20 years! Someone is trying to boost their Ebay auction totals.
Can you please re-up? I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks.

gomonkeygo said...

It'll be back up, oh, probably tomorrow. Check back please.

Mister Niles said...

Thank you so much. I've been looking high and low for this ever since I wore out my casette I bought in the late 80's. What a great lineup.

centrifuge said...

haha, yeah, back when bill frisell was interesting... though to be fair his sound hasn't deviated much (barely at all in fact) from this recording - and i still prefer to hear the more intense stuff (e.g. with berne or zorn)... great playing though and some interesting music... saw melvin gibbs with rollins band a few years ago: he and sim cain formed one of the most underrated r-sections in the history of rock... shannon, well, what could i say that hasn't been said already? ;-)