March 29, 2007

Never Think Too Much When You Can Play Guitar Instead

Pussy Galore - Right Now! (1987)

Jerry was a man-beetle, but what kind of man-beetle was the puzzle. He had chitinous armor, an exoskeleton, mandibles, six lovely limbs, hind wings, a scuttling quality of mind and an array of sensory equipment no non-beetle could possibly possess. That ruled out the non-beetle man-beetle theory. And what a thorax! Golden, glistening - the ladies loved Jerry's thorax! But a thorax does not a man-beetle make and while he pondered his loneliness and his special destiny, the puzzle of his man-beetlehood, he really should have been learning to play guitar. Ladies like guitar players even better.


Anonymous said...

this is so finger lickin good!
i remember discovering this in a small record shop 50km from here together with the first one from dinosaur jr. fell in love with both of them right away. this was a good day for sure.

gomonkeygo said...

Glad you like it. I forgot I had it - haven't listened to it in many years. But I knew someone out there would get a kick from it.

brandumb said...

Oh man!! Thank you!!

Bringing the ditties!